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Electronic Products Index List

Circuits, Hybrid, Custom
Circuits, Hybrid, Thick Film
Circuits, Hybrid, Thin Film
Erasing & Programming Equipment, Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memories (EPROM)/Programmable Read-Only Memories (PROM) & Logic Arrays
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Amplifiers - Also See Amplifiers - Specific Types
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Databus Devices
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Frequency/Signal Converters and Generators - Also See Frequency/Signal Converters and Generators - Specific Types
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Line Drivers and Transmitters/Receivers
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Networking Devices
Integrated Circuits, Communications/Interface, Switches/Multiplexers - Also See Switches/Multiplexers - Specific Types
Integrated Circuits, Custom/Semicustom
Integrated Circuits, Linear, A/D Converters
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Active Filters - Also See Filters - Specific Types
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Amplifiers, Wireless
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Audio, Consumer - Also See Amplifiers, Audio
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Clock Circuits
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Coders/Decoders (Codecs)
Integrated Circuits, Linear, D/A Converters
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Operational Amplifiers/Comparators
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Phase-Locked Loop - Also See Amplifiers, PLL
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Prescalers
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Sensors
Integrated Circuits, Linear, Video, Consumer
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Binary Counters
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Buffers
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Decade Counters
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Delay Lines
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Flip-Flops
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Gates
Integrated Circuits, Logic, Latches
Integrated Circuits, Memory, DRAM, Module
Integrated Circuits, Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)
Integrated Circuits, Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memories (EEPROMs)
Integrated Circuits, Memory, EPROMS
Integrated Circuits, Memory, First In, First Out (FIFO)
Integrated Circuits, Memory, Flash
Integrated Circuits, Memory, PROMs
Integrated Circuits, Memory, ROMs
Integrated Circuits, Memory, SRAM, Module
Integrated Circuits, Memory, Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Display Drivers
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Infrared Detectors/Emitters
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Laser Diodes
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, LEDs - Also See Diodes, Light-Emitting (LEDs)
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Optocouplers
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Optoisolators
Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Photodetectors/Photoemitters
Integrated Circuits, Power Management, Power Converters - AC/DC
Integrated Circuits, Power Management, Power Converters - DC/DC
Integrated Circuits, Power Management, Voltage Regulators (Adjustable)
Integrated Circuits, Power Management, Voltage Regulators (Fixed)
Integrated Circuits, Power Management, Voltage Regulators (Switching)
Integrated Circuits, Processors & PLDs, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
Integrated Circuits, Processors & PLDs, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
Integrated Circuits, Processors & PLDs, Generic Array Logic (GAL)/Programmable Array Logic (PAL) Devices
Integrated Circuits, Processors & PLDs, Microprocessors/Microcontrollers
Integrated Circuits, Processors & Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs)
Modules, Analog-to-Digital (A/D) and/or Digital-to-Analog (D/A) Conversion - Also See Converters, A/D and/or D/A
Modules, Encoding/Decoding
Modules, Logic - Also See Cards; ICs - Specific Types
Multi-Chip Modules
Networks, Hybrid Substrate
Services & Systems, Microprocessor Development; Services, PROM & Array Programming

Discrete Semiconductors
Bridge Rectifiers, Silicon - Also See Rectifiers - Specific Types
Bridges, Silicon Cell
Diacs - Also See Thyristors (Incl. SCRs)
Diode Arrays, Detectors/Emitters
Diodes, Avalanche
Diodes, Chip
Diodes, Current Regulating
Diodes, Germanium
Diodes, Gunn
Diodes, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Diodes, Infrared
Diodes, Positive-Intrinsic-Negative (PIN) - Also See Switches, PIN Diode
Diodes, Power
Diodes, Schottky
Diodes, Silicon
Diodes, Switching
Diodes, Tuning
Diodes, Tunnel
Diodes, Varactor
Diodes, Zener & Stabistor (Forward Reference Diodes)
Doublers, Voltage - Also See Rectifiers, Bridge
Phototransistors, Detectors/Emitters - Also See Photodetectors - Specific Types
Rectifiers, Bridge
Rectifiers, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Rectifiers, Power
Rectifiers, Schottky
Rectifiers, Selenium
Rectifiers, Semiconductor
Rectifiers, Silicon
Rectifiers, Ultrafast
Regulators & References, Silicon - Also See Diodes, Zener & Stabistor
Sidacs - Also See Thyristors (Incl. SCRs)
Thyristors (Incl. SCRs) - Also See Diacs; Sidacs; Triacs; Varistors, (MOVs)
Transistor Arrays - Also See Integrated Circuits - Specific Types
Transistors, Bipolar - Also See Transistors, Silicon
Transistors, Darlington
Transistors, Field Effect (FET)
Transistors, Germanium
Transistors, Insulated Gate Bipolar (IGBT)
Transistors, Low Noise, Gallium Arsinide (GaAs)
Transistors, Power
Transistors, Power, Bipolar
Transistors, Power, FET
Transistors, Power, Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET (MOSFET)
Transistors, RF/Microwave - Also See Integrated Circuits, Microwave
Transistors, Silicon
Transistors, Switching
Transistors, Unijunction
Triacs - Also See Thyristors (Incl. SCRs)

Electromechanical Components:
Circuit Protection Components
Arresters, Electrical Surge/Lightning Protection
Circuit Breakers
Circuit Protection Devices, Resettable
Fused Resistors
Fuseholders, Boxes & Panels - Also See Clips & Holders, Fuse
Fuseholders, EMI/RFI Shielded
Fuses & Fuse Elements
Fuses, Failure Indicating
Fuses, International
Fuses, Surface Mount
Fuses, Thermal
Interrupters, Ground Fault
Isolators, Line
Limiters, Current
Panels, Fuse
Protectors, Brownout
Spark Gaps - Also See Arrestors, Electrical Surge/Lightning Protection
Suppressors, Surge
Suppressors, Transient Voltage (All Types) - Also See Tubes, Gas Discharge
Tubes, Gas Discharge - Also See Supressors, Transient Voltage (All Types)
Varistors, Metal Oxide (MOVs) - Also See Thyristors (Incl. SCRs)

Cooling Products
Air Cleaners & Filters (Shielded & Unshielded)
Bimetals, Thermostatic
Blowers, Centrifugal
Blowers, Tangential
Controls, Fan Speed - Also See Controls, Motor Speed
Fan Accessories
Fan Guards
Fans, AC
Fans, Axial
Fans, DC, Brushless
Fans, DC, Brush-Type
Fans, Propeller
Fans, Tubeaxial
Fans, Vaneaxial
Heat Sink Fan
Heat Sinks
Thermistors - Also See Resistors, Thermal Sensing
Thermocouples, Elements & Accessories
Thermoelectric Cooling/Heating Modules & Heat Exchangers
Thermostats - Also See Switches, Thermally Actuated; Controls, Temperature
Thermal Management

Relays & Solenoids
Relays, Cradle
Relays, Crystal Can & 1/2 Crystal Can
Relays, Current Sensing
Relays, Frequency Sensing
Relays, Gas-Filled
Relays, General Purpose
Relays, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Relays, Latching
Relays, Mercury-Wetted Contact
Relays, Motor Start
Relays, Opto-Isolated
Relays, PCB Mounting (Incl. Transistor & DIP/SIP Case Types)
Relays, Plug-In
Relays, Power
Relays, Programmable
Relays, Reed
Relays, RF - Also See Switches, RF
Relays, Safety
Relays, Sealed
Relays, Signal
Relays, Solid State
Relays, Stepping
Relays, Surface Mount
Relays, Telephone
Relays, Time Delay
Relays, Vacuum
Relays, Voltage Sensing
Solenoids, Linear
Solenoids, Proportional
Solenoids, Rotary

Sensors, Tranducers & Audio Components
Actuators, Piezoelectric
Alarms & Transducers - Also See Ceramics, Piezoelectric; Transducers, Audio
Amplifiers, Audio - Also See Integrated Circuits, Linear, Audio, Consumer
Amplifiers, Transducer - Also See Signal Conditioners & Equipment
Attenuators, Audio
Bells, Buzzers, Gongs, Sirens & Aural Warning Devices
Cells, Load
Encoders, Displacement, Linear
Encoders, Magnetic Strip
Encoders, Programmable
Encoders, Shaft Angle, Incremental/Absolute, Contacting
Encoders, Shaft Angle, Incremental/Absolute, Magnetic
Encoders, Shaft Angle, Incremental/Absolute, Optical
Equalizers, Audio
Gauges, Strain - Also See Transducers, Strain Gauge
Generators, Hall Effect
Headphones, Handsets & Chestsets
Loudspeakers - Also See Speakers - Specific Types
Microphone Accessories (Incl. Stands, Holders, Booms)
Microphones, Directional
Microphones, Noise-Canceling
Microphones, Omnidirectional
Microphones, Subminiature
Microphones, Wireless
Mixers and/or Bridges, Audio; Crossover Networks
Sensors, Acoustic
Sensors, Air Flow
Sensors, Angle Measuring
Sensors, Biometric
Sensors, Chemical
Sensors, Current - Also See Transducers, Current
Sensors, Gas
Sensors, Hall Effect
Sensors, Image
Sensors, Light
Sensors, Liquid Flow - Also See Transducers, Liquid Flow
Sensors, Liquid Level - Also See Transducers, Liquid Level
Sensors, Moisture
Sensors, Pressure - Also See Transducers, Pressure
Sensors, Proximity - Also See Transducers, Proximity
Sensors, Reed
Sensors, Temperature - Also See Bolometers; Thermistors; Transducers - Specific Types
Speakers, Computer
Speakers, High Fidelity
Speakers, Low Profile
Speakers, Replacement, General Purpose
Speakers, Subminiature - Also See Bells, Buzzers, Gongs, Sirens & Aural Warning Devices
Transducers, Audio
Transducers, Current - Also See Sensors, Current
Transducers, Displacement
Transducers, Force
Transducers, Humidity
Transducers, Inertial
Transducers, Liquid Flow - Also See Sensors, Liquid Flow
Transducers, Liquid Level - Also See Sensors, Liquid Level
Transducers, Magnetic Pickup
Transducers, Magnetostrictive
Transducers, Piezoelectric
Transducers, Position, Linear
Transducers, Position, Rotary
Transducers, Pressure - Also See Sensors, Pressure
Transducers, Proximity
Transducers, Sonic & Ultrasonic
Transducers, Strain Gauge - Also See Gauge, Strain
Transducers, Temperature
Transducers, Tilt - Also See Inclinometers
Transducers, Torque
Transducers, Velocity
Transducers, Vibration
Transducers, Volt, Watt, Current, VAR, Power Factor, Frequency
Transmitters, Process Control (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, etc.)
Valve Positioners & Actuators, Indicators/Transmitters

Boots, Switch & Circuit Breaker
Matrices, Switching
Modules, Switching & Controls
Switch Assemblies, PCB
Switch Seals, Environmental
Switches, Cam
Switches, Coaxial - Also See Switches, RF/Microwave
Switches, Coded
Switches, DIP
Switches, Dome
Switches, Foot Pedal, Mat, Ribbon, etc.
Switches, Hall Effect
Switches, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Switches, Illuminated
Switches, Interlock
Switches, Key Lock
Switches, Keyboard - Also See Keyboard/Keypad Switches
Switches, Latching
Switches, Leaf, Single/Multiple
Switches, Lever/Paddle
Switches, Limit
Switches, Liquid Level
Switches, Low Voltage
Switches, Magnetically Actuated
Switches, Matrix
Switches, Membrane - Also See Switches, Tact; Membrane Switches
Switches, Miniature/Subminiature/Microminiature
Switches, Momentary Action
Switches, Multiposition
Switches, Power
Switches, Pressure - Also See Transducers, Pressure
Switches, Programmable
Switches, Proximity
Switches, Pushbutton
Switches, Reed
Switches, Rocker
Switches, Rotary
Switches, Rotary-Coded DIP
Switches, Safety
Switches, Sealed
Switches, Shockproof/Waterproof
Switches, Slide
Switches, Snap Action (All Types)
Switches, Solid State
Switches, Surface Mount
Switches, Tact - Also See Switches, Membrane
Switches, Thermally Actuated
Switches, Thumbwheel
Switches, Tilt - Also See Transducers, Tilt
Switches, Toggle
Switches, Touch Actuated
Switches, Vacuum
Switching Systems (Other Types)


Backlight Panels, Electroluminescent
Boards, Display, Graphic
Controllers, Graphic Display
Controllers, Touch Screen
Display Modules
Displays, Dot Matrix
Displays, Edgelight/Backlight
Displays, Electroluminescent (EL)
Displays, Graphic System
Displays, Indicator Light
Displays, Intelligent
Displays, LED - Also See Diodes, LED; Lamps, LED
Displays, Lighted Segment
Displays, Liquid Crystal (LCD)
Displays, Message/Status
Displays, Multifunction
Displays, Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)
Displays, Plasma
Displays, Programmable
Displays, Remote
Displays, Thin-Film Transistor (TFT)
Displays/Monitors, Flat Panel
Lenses, Readout & Display - Also See Filters, Color, Panel Light; Lenses, Filters & Windows, Infrared
Monitors, High Resolution
Touch Monitors; Touch Screens

Fiber Optic Equipment & accessories
Adapters, Fiber Optic
Amplifiers, Fiber Optic
Attenuators, Fiber Optic
Cable & Cable Assemblies, Fiber Optic
Couplers, Fiber Optic
Detectors, Fiber Optic
Interconnection Components, Fiber Optics - Also See Connectors, Fiber Optics
Light Sources, Fiber Optic - Also See Generators, Light Pulse
Modems, Fiber Optic
Multiplexers, Fiber Optic
Receivers/Transmitters, Transceivers, Fiber Optic
Sensors, Fiber Optic
Services, Fiber Optics, Consulting
Switches and Switching Systems, Fiber Optic
Terminations, Fiber Optic
Test Equipment & Instrumentation, Fiber Optic

Lamps, Lights & Indicators
Ballasts, Lighting, Electronic
Ballasts, Lighting, Magnetic
Filters, Color, Panel Light - Also See Lenses, Readout & Display; Lenses, Filters & Windows, Infrared
Indicators, Circuit Condition, Flag, Pointer, etc.
Lamp Assembly Color Filters, Caps and Lenses
Lamp Drivers
Lamps, Arc
Lamps, Cold Cathode/Hot Cathode, Fluorescent
Lamps, Compact Fluorescent
Lamps, Edge Lighting, Panel
Lamps, Electroluminescent
Lamps, Fluorescent
Lamps, Incandescent
Lamps, Infrared
Lamps, LED - Also See Diodes, LED; Displays, LED
Lamps, LED, Surface Mount
Lamps, Neon
Lamps, Stroboscopic Source and Flashtube
Lamps, Tungsten Halogen
Lamps, Ultraviolet
Light Pipes
Light Sources, Backlighting
Lights, Indicator
Sockets, Lamp & Lamp Assemblies

Optoelectronic Components
Lenses & Optics
Alarms, Controls, Photoelectric
Cells, Photo
Detectors, Infrared
Diodes, Laser
Diodes, Light-Emitting (LEDs) - Also See Displays, LED; Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, LEDs; Lamps, LED
Diodes, Photoelectric
Emitters, Infrared
Interrupters, Optoelectronic
Isolators, Optoelectronic; Optoisolators
Laser Components & Accessories - Also See Diodes, ICs, etc. - Specific Types
Lenses, Filters & Windows, Infrared - Also See Filters, Color, Panel Light; Lenses, Readout & Display
Optosensors - Also See Sensors, Light
Photodetectors - Also See Phototransistors, Photodetectors - Specific Types
Receivers, Infrared
Receivers, Laser
Services, Laser, Consulting
Switches, Optical
Transistors, Photo (Incl. Arrays)

Packaging & Interconnects:

Electronics & Components Cont.

Connectors & Sockets
Adapters, IEEE-488 GPIB, USB, Cat. 5, etc.
Adapters, Modular Telephone
Adapters, Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface
Adapters, Power, US to other, etc.
Adapters, Programming & Prototyping
Adapters/Connectors, In-Series/Between-Series
Backpanel Interconnect Systems
Bus Bars & Systems
Caps/Covers, Connector
Clips, Alligator; Clips, Fahnestock - Also See Leads, Test & Adapter (Incl. Test Clips); Test Lead Probes
Connecting Blocks, Modular Telephones
Connector Adapters
Connector Assemblies, IEEE-488 GPIB, PCI, VME, VXI, etc.
Connector Backshells
Connector Boxes & Strips, Power Outlet - See Power Strips, AC
Connectors & Terminals, Push-On, Quick-Disconnect
Connectors, AC Power
Connectors, Audio
Connectors, Backplane
Connectors, Battery - Also See Clips, Battery; Holders & Retainers, Battery
Connectors, Cable
Connectors, Circular, Metal Shell
Connectors, Circular, Plastic/Composite Shell
Connectors, Data
Connectors, DC Power
Connectors, DIN
Connectors, D-Subminiature
Connectors, Edge
Connectors, Fiber Optics - Also See Interconnection Components, Fiber Optics
Connectors, Filtered, EMI/RFI - Also See Gaskets, Shielding, RF; Shields, RF
Connectors, Flat Cable (Incl. Flexible)
Connectors, Fused - Also See Connectors, AC Power; Connectors, DC Power
Connectors, Hardmetric
Connectors, Hermetically Sealed, Pressurized, or Waterproof; Heat Sealed; Glass Sealed
Connectors, High Density, Multipin
Connectors, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Connectors, IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact)
Connectors, Low Insertion Force (LIF) and Zero Insertion Force (ZIF)
Connectors, Marine
Connectors, Microminiature & Nano
Connectors, Militarized
Connectors, Mixed Contact Configurations
Connectors, Multipin for Embedded-PC Modules
Connectors, PCB (Other than Card Edge)
Connectors, PCB, Card Edge
Connectors, Plug-In, Program Board
Connectors, Power
Connectors, Power, Heavy Duty
Connectors, Rack & Panel
Connectors, Rectangular
Connectors, Rectangular, Computer-Modular, I/O
Connectors, RF, Coaxial & Triaxial - Also See Cable Assemblies, RF/Microwave; Coaxial Components, RF/Microwave
Connectors, Shielded
Connectors, Solderless
Connectors, Splicing
Connectors, Surface Mount
Connectors, Telephone, Modular
Connectors, Test
Connectors, Thermocouple
Connectors, Video
Connectors, Wirewrap
Cords, Patch
Hardware, Connector
Headers, DIP
Headers, Socket
Headers, Strip
Holders & Carriers, Chip, IC
Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs) - Also See Transformers, Data Bus Coupling
Interconnection Systems
Jack Adapters (All Types)
Jacks (All Types)
Jacks, Coaxial
Modules, DIN Interface
Plug & Jack Sets
Plug Adapters
Plugs, Coaxial
Plugs, Electrical (All Types)
Plugs, Power, International
Posts, Binding
Socket Adapters
Sockets, Array
Sockets, Ball Grid Array (BGA)
Sockets, Dual In-Line (DIL)/Dual In-Line Pin (DIP) and Dual-In-Line Memory Module (DIMM)
Sockets, Integrated Circuit
Sockets, International
Sockets, Leadless/Disposable Carrier
Sockets, LIF and ZIF
Sockets, Pin Grid Array (PGA)
Sockets, Power (Receptacles)
Sockets, Programmable
Sockets, Relay
Sockets, Single In-Line Pin (SIP)/Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM)
Sockets, Test
Sockets, Transistor/Diode
Sockets, Tube
Termination Systems, Wire & Cable
Terminations, Cable
Wire Connectors

Enclosures, Cabinet/Racks, Front Panel
Components & PC Boards
Bezels & Escutcheons, Shielded & Unshielded
Boards, Circuit, Clad/Unclad & Molded
Boards, Plug-In
Boxes, Electronic
Cases, Electronic Equipment
Cases, Ruggedized - Also See Enclosures, Shock-Mounted
Cases, Transit
Chassis, Circuit Board Mounting
Chassis, Electronic Equipment
Chemicals, Etchants & Adhesives
Circuit Breaker Boxes, Panel Boards, Enclosures
Circuits, Printed, Flexible, Multilayer, Rigid-Single & Double Sided
Covers, Protective (Incl. Dustcovers)
Ejectors, Extractors, Inserters, Circuit Board
Enclosures, 19-inch
Enclosures, Cabinets
Enclosures, Cage Guide/Retainers
Enclosures, Desktop
Enclosures, DIN
Enclosures, Eurocard, VME, VXI, PCI, PXI, etc.
Enclosures, Hand-Held
Enclosures, Instrument
Enclosures, Keyboard/Terminal - Also See Housings, Terminal
Enclosures, Metal
Enclosures, PCB Mount
Enclosures, Plastic
Enclosures, Power Distribution
Enclosures, Sealed
Enclosures, Shielded
Enclosures, Shock-Mounted - Also See Cases, Ruggedized
Guides and Retainers, Circuit Board
Handles for Cabinets, Circuit Boards, Racks, etc.; Drawers, Slides
Housings, Terminal - Also See Enclosures, Keyboard/Terminal
Knobs, Dials & Drives
Latches & Locks, Panel & Cabinet
Panels, Metal
Racks, Ruggedized
Services, Board Assembly, PC Design/Preparation/Production & Test

Hardware, Insulating & Shielding Materials
Bobbins, Winding, Coil & Transformer - Also See Coil Assemblies & Forms
Brackets, Computer
Bushings, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, etc.
Bushings, Strain Relief - Also See Feed-Thrus & Seals, Environmental; Fittings, Strain Relief, Liquid Tight
Caps, Forms & Tapes, Shrinkable - Also See Tubing, Heat Shrinkable
Clamps & Clips, Cable - Also See Wire & Cable Ties
Clamps & Clips, Component - Also See Holders & Retainers, Battery
Clamps & Clips, Ground
Clips & Holders, Fuse
Compounds & Coatings, Insulating
Conductive Plastic Materials & Parts; Conductive Elastomers
Contact Strips, Finger
Contacts, Electrical
Couplings, Shaft, Rigid & Flexible
Fasteners (Screws, Nuts, etc.)
Feed-Thrus & Seals, Environmental; Fittings; Strain Relief, Liquid Tight - Also See Bushings, Strain Relief; Fittings, Strain Relief, Liquid Tight
Gaskets, Shielding, RF - Also See Shields, RF; Connectors, Filtered, EMI/RFI
Grommets & Bushings
Insulation Materials & Parts
Insulators, Ceramic Types & Silicon Fabricated
Insulators, Heat Sinks
Insulators, Thermal & Semiconductor Mounting Pads
Kits, Shielding
Laminates & Substrates
Materials, Dielectric Substrate
Mounting Hardware
Packaging, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection
Rails, Guide (DIN Type)
Screening, Mesh & Fabrics, Conductive
Shielding Beads, Ferrite
Shielding, EMI/RFI
Shields, Coil/Transformer
Shields, Magnetic
Shields, RF - Also See Gaskets, Shielding, RF; Connectors, Filtered, EMI/RFI
Shields, Tube, CRT, Photomultiplier, etc.
Spacers & Standoffs
Static Eliminating Materials, Devices and Equipment
Supports, Circuit Boards - Also See Spacers & Standoffs
Tapes, Films, Foils & Masks
Test Points, PCB Mounted
Tubing, Plastic - Also See Tubing, Spaghetti and Sleeving
Wire Shielding - Also See Braid, Cable

Wire & Cable
Braid, Cable - Also See Wire Shielding
Cable Assemblies & Harnesses
Cable Management Accessories & Holding Devices
Cable, Audio & Speaker
Cable, Biomedical Instrumentation
Cable, Chemically Resistant, Direct Buried, Hostile Environment,
Cable, Coaxial
Cable, Communication
Cable, Computer
Cable, Continuous Flex
Cable, Control
Cable, Data Transmission
Cable, Flame Retardant
Cable, Flat
Cable, Flexible
Cable, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Insulated
Cable, High Temperature (Over 125 deg. C)
Cable, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Cable, Instrumentation
Cable, Irradiated
Cable, Low Capacitance
Cable, Microphone
Cable, Multiconductor
Cable, Plenum
Cable, Power
Cable, Security
Cable, Shielded
Cable, Telephone
Cable, Tetrafluoroethylene or Teflon (TFE) Insulated
Cable, Thermocouple
Cable, Triaxial
Cable, Twisted Pair
Cords & Cord Sets, International
Cords & Cord Sets, Telephone
Cords, Line & Set, Extension
Cords, Power
Cords, Retractile/Coiled; Tinsel Wire
Ground Straps; Ground Rods
Lead Assemblies, High Voltage - Also See Cable Assemblies & Harnesses; Connectors - Specific Types
Services, Backplane Wiring - Also See Services, Wire Wrapping, Crimping & Soldering; Services, Cable & Harness Assembly; Services, Wire Cutting & Stripping
Services, Cable & Harness Assembly
Services, Custom Cable Fabrication
Services, Wire Cutting & Stripping, Wire Wrapping, Crimping & Soldering - Also See Services, Backplane Wiring
Strain Reliefs, Cable & Wire
Tubing, Heat Shrinkable - Also See Caps, Forms & Tapes, Shrinkable
Tubing, Spaghetti and Sleeving
Tubing, Spiral Wrap & Zipper
Wire, Airframe
Wire, Aluminum
Wire, Antenna (All Types)
Wire, Bare, Copper, Nickel, Nickel-Chrome (Nichrome)
Wire, Braid (Excluding Shielding)
Wire, Clad (All Types)
Wire, Flame Retardant
Wire, Glass Insulated
Wire, High Temperature (Over 125 deg. C)
Wire, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Wire, Hookup (All Types)
Wire, Lead-In & Ground
Wire, Litz
Wire, Magnet
Wire, Plated (All Types)
Wire, Precious Metals
Wire, Radiation Resistant
Wire, Resistance - Also See Cable, Heater
Wire, Shielded
Wire, Stainless Steel
Wire, Test Lead
Wire, TFE Insulated
Wire, Thermocouple

Keyboard and Keypad Components
Keyboard Legends and Symbols
Keyboard/Keypad Interface Devices
Keyboard/Keypad Switches - Also See Switches, Keyboard; Switches, Touch Actuated
Keyboards, Capacitive
Keyboards, Conductive Rubber
Keyboards, Full Travel
Keyboards, Lighted
Keyboards, Low Profile
Keyboards, Membrane
Keyboards, Modular
Keyboards, Sealed, Industrial
Keyboards, Wireless
Membrane Switches - Also See Switches, Membrane
Overlays, Graphic (for Membrane Switches)

Power Sources
AC Power Systems
Alternators & Motor Generator Sets
Amplifiers, AC
Converters, Power, Frequency, Phase
Generators, Electrical Power
Inverters, DC to AC; Vibrators - Also See Power Supplies, DC to AC Output
Line Conditioners & Regulators
Power Distribution Systems, Rack Mounted
Power Distribution Units (Modules)
Power Strips, AC - Also See Connector Boxes & Strips, Power Outlet
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Display
Power Supplies, AC to AC, 1 kVA to 10 kVA Output
Power Supplies, AC to AC, 100 VA to 1 kVA Output
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Constant Current
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Constant Voltage
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Greater than 10 kVA Output
Power Supplies, AC to AC, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Isolated
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Less than 100 VA Output
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Linear
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Multiple Output
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Programmable
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Rack Mounted
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Redundant
Power Supplies, AC to AC, Universal Input
Power Supplies, DC to AC Output - Also See Inverters, DC to AC; Vibrators
Power Supplies, Three-Phase Output
Power Supplies, Uninterruptible (UPS)
Services, Power Supplies, AC to AC, Consulting, Design, Development
Stabilizers, Line Impedance & Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs)

AD to DC Power Supplies
Amplifiers, DC
Current Sources
Power Modules
Power Supplies, AC to DC, 1 W to 300 W Output
Power Supplies, AC to DC, 300 W to 1500 W Output
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Bipolar
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Constant Current
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Constant Voltage
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Display - Also See Ballasts, Lighting, Electronic - Specific Types
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Greater than 1500 W Output
Power Supplies, AC to DC, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Hot Swap
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Isolated
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Less than 1 W Output
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Linear
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Modular
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Multiple Output
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Precision, Low Noise
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Programmable
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Rack Mounted
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Redundant
Power Supplies, AC to DC, Universal Input
Power Supplies, AC to DC, X-Ray
Power Supplies, Battery Charging - Also See Chargers, Battery - Specific Types
Power Supplies, Capacitor Charging
Power Supplies, DIN Rail Mounted
Power Supplies, Emergency/Standby
Power Supplies, Encapsulated
Power Supplies, Enclosed
Power Supplies, Lab (Incl. Metered Units)
Power Supplies, Laser
Power Supplies, Linear, Medical
Power Supplies, Open Frame
Power Supplies, PC Board Mountable, 1 to 5 W Output
Power Supplies, PC Board Mountable, Greater than 5 W Output
Power Supplies, PC Board Mountable, Less than 1 W Output
Power Supplies, PCB
Power Supplies, Plug-In, External Desktop/Wall
Power Supplies, Power Factor Corrected (PFC)
Power Supplies, Ruggedized, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
Power Supplies, Switching
Power Supplies, Switching, Battery Backup
Power Supplies, Switching, Medical
Regulators & Stabilizers, Voltage - Also See Transformers, Voltage Regulating
Services, Power Supplies, AC to DC, Consulting, Design, Development

Batteries, Alkaline Manganese
Batteries, Button/Coin Cell
Batteries, Lead-Acid
Batteries, Lithium (Other Types)
Batteries, Lithium, Ion
Batteries, Lithium, Manganese Dioxide
Batteries, Lithium, Sulfur Dioxide
Batteries, Magnesium Silver Chloride
Batteries, Mercury Types
Batteries, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride
Batteries, Rechargeable
Batteries, Silver Types
Batteries, Standard Cell
Batteries, Ultra-Thin and Flexible
Batteries, Zinc Types
Battery Packs
Chargers, Battery - Also See Power Supplies, Battery Charging
Clips, Battery - Also See Connectors, Battery; Holders & Retainers, Battery
Holders & Retainers, Battery

DC to DC Power Supplies
Converters, DC to DC, 1 W to 300 W Output
Converters, DC to DC, 18-36 Volts Input
Converters, DC to DC, 36-75 Volts Input
Converters, DC to DC, 9-18 Volts Input
Converters, DC to DC, Bipolar
Converters, DC to DC, Greater than 300 W Output
Converters, DC to DC, Greater than 75 Volts Input
Converters, DC to DC, High Voltage Output (500 Volts & Over)
Converters, DC to DC, Hot Swap
Converters, DC to DC, I/O Isolation
Converters, DC to DC, Less than 1 W Output
Converters, DC to DC, Less than 9 Volts Input
Converters, DC to DC, Modular
Converters, DC to DC, Multiple Output
Converters, DC to DC, PCB Mounting
Converters, DC to DC, Point-of-Load (POL)
Converters, DC to DC, Precision, Low Noise
Converters, DC to DC, Programmable
Converters, DC to DC, Surface Mount
Converters, DC to DC, X-Ray
Services, Power Supplies, DC to DC, Consulting, Design, Development

Passive Components:

Capacitors, Chip
Capacitors, Feed-Thru
Capacitors, Fixed, AC (Incl. Motor Start)
Capacitors, Fixed, Air
Capacitors, Fixed, Aluminum Electrolytic
Capacitors, Fixed, Ceramic, Disc & Tubular
Capacitors, Fixed, Ceramic, Monolithic
Capacitors, Fixed, Film, Metallized & Non-Metallized
Capacitors, Fixed, Film, Snubber
Capacitors, Fixed, Niobium
Capacitors, Fixed, Oil-Filled
Capacitors, Fixed, Paper, Metallized & Non-Metallized
Capacitors, Fixed, Porcelain
Capacitors, Fixed, Tantalum Electrolytic
Capacitors, High Voltage (500 WVDC & Over)
Capacitors, Low Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL)
Capacitors, Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
Capacitors, Multiple-Layer
Capacitors, Organic Semiconductor (OS-CON) Type Electrolyte
Capacitors, Power
Capacitors, Surface Mount
Capacitors, Variable
Ultracapacitors or Supercapacitors

Coils, Inductors & Magnetics
Chokes, Filter
Chokes, Swinging
Coil Assemblies & Forms - Also See Bobbins, Winding, Coil & Transformer
Coils, AF
Coils, Air Core
Coils, Antenna (Incl. Loading Type)
Coils, Chip
Coils, Foil Wound
Coils, High Q, High Frequency
Coils, High Q, Low Frequency
Coils, IF
Coils, Molded
Coils, Pi-Wound
Coils, RF
Coils, Saturable Reactor
Coils, Shielded - Also See Transformers, Shielded
Coils, Solenoid
Coils, Surface Mount
Coils, Switching, Power
Coils, Toroidal
Coils, Transducer
Coils, Transformer - Also See Transformers - Specific Types
Coils, Variable
Ferrite Parts
Inductors, Chip
Inductors, Power
Inductors, Surface Mount
Inductors, Switchmode
Inductors, Variable
Magnetic Materials
Reactors, Charging
Reactors, Filter
Services, Magnetics

Motors, Drives & Rotating Components
Actuators, Servo
Gearheads, Speed Reducers, Gears and Gear Mechanisms
Indexers (Stepping Motor)
Motors, Brush, DC
Motors, Brushless, DC
Motors, Fractional Horsepower
Motors, Gearhead
Motors, Induction
Motors, Linear
Motors, Micro - Also See Motors, Piezoelectric
Motors, Permanent Magnet
Motors, Piezoelectric - Also See Motors, Micro
Motors, Servo
Motors, Stepping
Motors, Synchronous
Motors, Torque (Incl. Torquers)
Slides, Linear

Potentiometers, Trimmers, Pots & Controls
Potentiometers, Carbon
Potentiometers, Ceramic Metal (Cermet)
Potentiometers, Composition, Carbon
Potentiometers, Conductive Plastic
Potentiometers, Digitally Programmable
Potentiometers, Linear
Potentiometers, Motorized
Potentiometers, Multi-Turn
Potentiometers, Non-Linear
Potentiometers, Rectilinear
Potentiometers, Single-Turn
Potentiometers, Sliding
Potentiometers, Trimmer
Potentiometers, Wirewound
Rheostats - Also See Potentiometers - Specific Types

Electronics & Components Cont

Films, Resistance
Networks, Hybrid
Networks, Ladder
Networks, Matching
Networks, Resistance
Resistors, Adjustable - Also See Potentiometers; Rheostats - Specific Types
Resistors, Ballast
Resistors, Carbon Film
Resistors, Ceramic Core
Resistors, Cermet
Resistors, Chip
Resistors, Composition, Carbon
Resistors, Current Sense
Resistors, Film, Metallized & Non-Metallized
Resistors, Flame Retardant
Resistors, Four Terminal
Resistors, High Frequency
Resistors, High Megohm (Over 22 Megohms)
Resistors, High Temperature (Over 125 deg. C)
Resistors, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Resistors, Hot Molded
Resistors, Integral Heat Dissipator & Heat Sinkable
Resistors, Low Temperature Coefficient
Resistors, Metal Film
Resistors, Metal Foil
Resistors, Metal Oxide; Metal Glazed
Resistors, Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC)
Resistors, Non-Inductive
Resistors, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)
Resistors, Power
Resistors, Precision
Resistors, Suppressor
Resistors, Surface Mount
Resistors, Surge
Resistors, Tapped
Resistors, Thermal Sensing - Also See Thermistors
Resistors, Wire-Wound
Resistors, Zero-Ohm

Transformers, 400 Hz
Transformers, AC to AC Adapter
Transformers, Audio
Transformers, Autotransformer
Transformers, Balun
Transformers, Chopper
Transformers, Class 2
Transformers, Common Mode
Transformers, Converter, DC to DC
Transformers, Current Sensing - Also See Monitors, Current
Transformers, Current, Clamp-On
Transformers, Data Bus Coupling - Also See Transformers, Telephone Coupling
Transformers, Differential
Transformers, Digital Audio (Incl. AES/EBU Standards)
Transformers, Electronic Ballast
Transformers, Encapsulated
Transformers, Ferroresonant
Transformers, Filament
Transformers, Flyback
Transformers, High Frequency
Transformers, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Transformers, IF
Transformers, Instrument
Transformers, Interface & Coupling
Transformers, Inverter
Transformers, Isolation
Transformers, Isolation, for LANs
Transformers, Line (50/60 Hz)
Transformers, Low Frequency
Transformers, Low Voltage
Transformers, Magnetic Amplifier
Transformers, Matching
Transformers, Microphone
Transformers, Mixing
Transformers, Modem/Coupler
Transformers, Modulation
Transformers, PCB Mounting
Transformers, Plate
Transformers, Plug-In, Desktop/Wall
Transformers, Power
Transformers, Power Distribution
Transformers, Power, International
Transformers, Pulse
Transformers, Ratio
Transformers, RF
Transformers, Shielded - Also See Coils, Shielded
Transformers, Split Bobbin
Transformers, Surface Mount
Transformers, Switching, Power
Transformers, Telephone Coupling
Transformers, Three-Phase - Also See Transformers, Power
Transformers, Toroidal
Transformers, Transistor
Transformers, Variable
Transformers, Voltage Regulating - Also See Regulators & Stabilizers, Voltage
Transformers, Wideband
Transformers, xDigital Subscriber Line (xDSL)

Oscillators, Filters, RF/ Microwave & Communication: 
Communication Components
Amplifiers, Distribution
Amplifiers, Logarithmic
Amplifiers, Power
Amplifiers, Pulse
Amplifiers, Wideband
Antenna Supporting Structures & Accessories
Antennas, HF, VHF/UHF
Communications Module, Local Area Networks (LANs)/Telcom
Communications Systems, Telephone/Telcom
Converters, Frequency to Frequency, Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
Equalizers, Delay/Phase
Modems, Bluetooth - Also See IC, Linear, Amplifiers, Wireless; Modems Wireless
Modems, Broadband RF/Telcom, Communications, Wireless
Modulators, AM and/or FM, Phase - Also See Modulators, RF/Microwave
Multiplexers, Frequency/Time Division, Video
Networks, Digital Data Equipment
Processors, Communications, Video
Readers, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - Also See Tags, RFID
Receivers, Communications/Telemetry, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), NIST, Loran, Omega, etc.
Software, Communications
Software, DSP
Tags, RFID - Also See Transponders
Tubes, Receiving/Transmitting

Delay Lines
Delay Lines, Active
Delay Lines, Cable
Delay Lines, CMOS
Delay Lines, Digital
Delay Lines, Distributed Constant
Delay Lines, ECL
Delay Lines, Lumped Constant
Delay Lines, Programmable
Delay Lines, SAW
Delay Lines, TTL

Oscillators & Crystals
Ceramics, Piezoelectric
Crystals, Microprocessor
Crystals, Piezoelectric
Crystals, Quartz, Blanks; Holder & Mounts
Crystals, Quartz, High Frequency (1 MHz-200 MHz)
Crystals, Quartz, Low Frequency (1 KHz-999 KHz)
Crystals, Quartz, VHF/UHF (>200 MHz)
Crystals, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Filter Resonator
Crystals, Surface Mount
Filters, Crystal
Filters, Monolithic
Filters, SAW
Filters, Tuning Fork
Modules, Oscillator
Oscillators, Crystal Controlled
Oscillators, Crystal, Clock
Oscillators, Digitally Compensated Crystal (DCXO)
Oscillators, High Frequency - Also See Oscillators, RF/Microwave
Oscillators, Hybrid
Oscillators, Low Frequency
Oscillators, Microcomputer Compensated Crystal (MCXO)
Oscillators, Oven Controlled Crystal (OCXO)
Oscillators, Positive Emitter-Coupled Logic (PECL)
Oscillators, Programmable
Oscillators, SAW-Based
Oscillators, Sinusoidal
Oscillators, Square Wave
Oscillators, Surface Mount
Oscillators, Telecommunications
Oscillators, Temperature Compensated Crystal (TCXO)
Oscillators, Trigger Coherent
Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Crystal (VCXO) - Also See Oscillators, VCO, RF
Resonators, Ceramic
Resonators, SAW
Tuning Forks

RF/ Microwave Components
Absorbers, Microwave
Amplifiers, GaAs
Amplifiers, Limiting
Amplifiers, Low-Noise (LNAs)
Amplifiers, Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) - Also See Integrated Circuits, Linear, PLL
Amplifiers, RF/Microwave
Amplifiers, Traveling Wave Tube (TWTAs)
Amplifiers, Video
Analyzers, Microwave - Also See Analyzers - Specific Types
Antennas, RF/Microwave - Also See Radar System Components; Antennas HF, VHF/UHF
Attenuators, Programmable
Attenuators, RF/Microwave
Attenuators, Variable
Blocks, DC
Cable Assemblies, RF/Microwave - Also See Coaxial Components, RF/Microwave; Connectors, RF, Coaxial & Triaxial
Circulators, Ferrite
Coaxial Components, RF/Microwave - Also See Connectors - Specific Types
Combiners, Power
Comparators, Frequency/Phase
Couplers, Directional RF/Microwave; Hybrid Junction
Detectors, RF/Microwave
Dividers, Power, RF/Microwave - Also See Splitters, Power
Down Converters/Up Converters
Dummy Loads, Microwave/RF
Duplexers/Diplexers, RF/Microwave
Filters, Microwave - Also See Filters- Specific Types
Generators, Microwave - Also See Generators, RF
Integrated Circuits (ICs), Microwave (MICs)
Limiters, Microwave
Millimeter-Wave Components
Mixers, RF/Microwave
Modulators/Demodulators, RF/Microwave - Also See Modulators, AM and/or FM, Phase
Multipliers, Frequency
Oscillators, RF/Microwave - Also See Oscillators, High Frequency
Oscillators, VHF/UHF
Oscillators, Voltage Controlled (VCO), RF - Also See Oscillators, VCXO
Radar System Components
Radomes & Windows, Microwave
Receivers/Transmitters, RF/Microwave (Incl. Transceivers, Transponders)
Resonators, Microwave, Dielectric
Services, Microwave Engineering
Shifters, Phase, RF/Microwave
Splitters, Power - Also See Dividers, Power, RF/Microwave
Stripline Components, Microwave - Also See Connectors, Stripline
Switches, PIN Diode - Also See Diodes, PIN
Switches, RF/Microwave - Also See Switches, Coaxial
Switches, Transfer
Tees, Bias
Terminations, RF/Microwave
Waveguides (Incl. Adapters, Tubing, Seals, Chokes, etc.)

RF/Signal & Power Filters
Filters, AC Power Line - Also See Suppressors - Specific Types
Filters, AF
Filters, Anti-Aliasing
Filters, Band Elimination & Notch
Filters, Band Pass
Filters, Ceramic
Filters, Comb
Filters, Delay
Filters, Digital, High Speed FFT/Finite Impulse Response (FIR)
Filters, Electrical & Network
Filters, EMI/RFI - Also See Suppressors, EMI
Filters, Equalizer
Filters, Harmonic
Filters, High Pass
Filters, IF
Filters, Ladder
Filters, LC
Filters, Linear Phase
Filters, Low Pass
Filters, Programmable
Filters, RF - Also See Filters, Microwave
Filters, Single Sideband
Filters, Variable
Filters, VHF/UHF - Also See Filters, Microwave
Filters, Video
Modules, Power Entry, Filtered
Networks, LC
Networks, Phase
Suppressors, EMI
Suppressors, Noise

Test, Measurement & Control:

Control System Components
Amplifiers, Magnetic
Amplifiers, Servo
Controllers, Motion
Controllers, Power
Controllers, Programmable
Controls, Frequency
Controls, Motion
Controls, Motor
Controls, Positioning
Controls, Pressure
Controls, Proximity
Controls, Remote
Controls, Sensing/Monitoring-Voltage, Phase, Frequency
Controls, Servo System
Controls, Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Controls, Temperature
Counters, Event
Counters, Mechanical
Counters, Photoelectric
Counters, Pulse
Indicators, Elapsed Time
Joysticks, Trackballs, etc.
Process Control Systems
Servo Systems
Software, Motion Control
Timers, Counting
Timers, Cycle & Reset
Timers, Delay
Timers, Interval
Timers, Programmable
Timers, Sequence
Timers, Solid State
Data Acquisition System Components
Boards, Data Acquisition, Ethernet Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, FireWire (IEEE-1394) Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, GPIB (IEEE-488) Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, ISA Bus Compatible, EISA Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, MIL-STD 1553 Data Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, PC/104 Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, PCI Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, PXI Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, VME Bus Compatible
Boards, Data Acquisition, VXI Bus Compatible
Cards, Data Acquisition, Compact Flash - Also See Integrated Circuits, Memory, Flash
Cards, Data Communication/Interfaces
Cards, Smart - Also See Boards, Data Acquisition, PCMCIA Compatible
Converters, A/D and/or D/A - Also See Modules, Analog-to-Digital (A/D) and/or Digital-to-Analog (D/A) Conversion
Converters, Digital to Synchro/Resolver & Synchro/Resolver to Digital
Converters, Frequency to Voltage & Voltage to Frequency
Converters, RS-232 to RS-485 & RS-485 to RS-232
Converters, Serial to Parallel & Parallel to Serial
Data Acquisition & Reduction Modules and Systems
Data Loggers/Recorders
Multiplexers, Analog/Digital
Signal Conditioners & Equipment
Software, Data Processing

Test & Measurement Equipment & Acessories
Amplifiers, Instrumentation
Analyzers, AF
Analyzers, Bus
Analyzers, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Analyzers, Logic
Analyzers, Network
Analyzers, Phase & Voltage
Analyzers, Power
Analyzers, RF - Also See Analyzers - Specific Types
Analyzers, Signature
Analyzers, Spectrum
Bridges, Impedance
Calibrators/Standards, Current
Calibrators/Standards, Frequency & Time Base
Calibrators/Standards, Infrared Thermal References & Blackbody Radiation Sources
Calibrators/Standards, Magnetic Instrumentation
Calibrators/Standards, Meter
Calibrators/Standards, Voltage
Chambers, Anechoic
Chambers, EMI/RFI
Chambers, Environmental
Comparators, Voltage
Controllers, IEEE-488 GPIB Bus
Counter/Timers, Dual - Also See Meters, FTIM
Counters, Frequency - Also See Meters, FTIM
Decade Boxes, LCR
Detectors, Voltage
Digitizers, Waveform - Also See Oscilloscopes - Specific Types
Dividers, Voltage - Also See Networks, Resistance; Transformers, Voltage Dividing
Dummy Loads, Electronic
Dummy Loads, Power
Dummy Loads, Programmable
Dummy Loads, Resistive
Gauges, Pressure - Also See Transducers, Pressure
Gauges, Temperature
Generators, AM and/or FM
Generators, Audio
Generators, Digital Pattern & Pseudorandom Bit Sequence (PRBS)
Generators, Frequency Synthesizer
Generators, Function/Arbitrary Waveform (AWG)
Generators, Low Frequency
Generators, Pulse
Generators, RF - Also See Generators, Microwave
Generators, Signal - Also See Generators - Specific Types
Generators, Sweep
Generators, Synthesizer, Programmable
Generators, Timing/Delay
Generators, VHF/UHF - Also See Generators, Microwave; Generators, RF
Generators, Video Test, Multiformat NTSC, etc.
Instrumentation, High Voltage - Also See Meters, Kilovolt
Instruments, Test & Measurement, IEEE-488 GPIB Compatible - Also See Boards, Data Acquisition - Specific Types
Instruments, Test & Measurement, PXIbus Compatible - Also See Boards, Data Acquisition - Specific Types
Instruments, Test & Measurement, VXIbus Compatible - Also See Boards, Data Acquisition - Specific Types
Leads, Test & Adapter (Incl. Test Clips); Test Lead Probes - Also See Clips - Specific Types
Loads, Electronic, Variable - Also See Dummy Loads - Specific Types
Meters, Ampere Hour
Meters, Ampere, AC
Meters, Ampere, DC
Meters, Ampere, RF
Meters, Ampere, True RMS
Meters, Audio Power/Audio Level, VU and/or S Unit
Meters, Capacitance, Inductance
Meters, Clamp-On
Meters, Distortion & Noise
Meters, Electrostatic Voltage
Meters, Field Strength; Analyzers, Antenna Pattern
Meters, Fluid Flow - Also See Meters, Mass Flow
Meters, Flux - Also See Meters, Gauss and/or Tesla
Meters, Frequency, Time, Interval (FTIM) - Also See Counter/Timers; Monitors, Frequency
Meters, Gauss and/or Tesla - Also See Meters, Flux
Meters, Hand-Held, Portable
Meters, Impedance
Meters, Kilovolt
Meters, Mass Flow - Also See Meters, Fluid Flow
Meters, Megohm
Meters, Micro Ohm
Meters, Modulation
Meters, Multifunction, Analog
Meters, Multifunction, Digital (Incl. Digital Multimeters (DMMs))
Meters, Noise Figure/Noise Sources
Meters, Optical Power/Optical Radiation, Radiometers, etc.
Meters, Phase & Phase Angle
Meters, Power Factor
Meters, Power, RF/Microwave
Meters, Resistance; Ohmmeter
Meters, Standing Wave Ratio (SWR); Slotted Lines, Microwave
Meters, Temperature
Meters, Torque/Speed, Digital RPM
Meters, VAR
Meters, Volt, AC
Meters, Volt, DC
Meters, Volt, RF
Meters, Volt, True RMS
Meters, Watt
Meters, Watt Hour
Monitors, Current - Also See Transformers, Current Sensing; Meters, Ampere - Specific Types
Monitors, Frequency - Also See Meters, Frequency
Monitors, Humidity
Monitors, Laser Energy
Monitors, Liquid Level
Monitors, Positioning
Monitors, Power, AC & DC
Monitors, Vibration
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) & Cable Fault Locators
Oscilloscopes, Analog
Oscilloscopes, Digital
Oscilloscopes, General Purpose
Oscilloscopes, Programmable
Ovens, Aging, Burn-In, Life Test
Panel Meters, Analog
Panel Meters, Bar Graph
Panel Meters, Digital (DPMs), (Incl. 4-20 ma Readouts)
Panel Meters, Illuminated Scale
Probes, Hall
Probes, High Voltage (500 Volts & Over)
Probes, IC
Probes, Logic Test
Probes, Oscilloscope
Probes, RF/Microwave
Probes, Temperature
Services, Calibration & Instrument Repair
Services, Electrical Measurement & Test
Services, EMI/RFI Testing
Services, Environmental Testing
Spectrometers/Photometers or Light Meters (Non-Photographic)
Tachometers, Stroboscopic
Test Equipment, EMI/Susceptibility
Test Fixtures, for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
Test Systems, Automatic DC
Test Systems, Board
Test Systems, Component
Test Systems, Computer Controlled (Automatic)
Test Systems, Functional
Testers, Bit Rate
Testers, Cable/Harness
Testers, Component
Testers, Electrical Safety Compliance
Testers, Hi-Pot
Testers, Insulation Breakdown; Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond
Testers, Integrated Circuit
Testers, Motor
Testers, Power Supply
Testers, RAM/ROM Devices and Memory Boards
Testers, Transistor
Testers, Voltage
Testers, Voltage

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks, Barrier Type
Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail-Mounted
Terminal Blocks, Feed-Thru
Terminal Blocks, Panel/Chassis Mounting
Terminal Blocks, PCB Mounting
Terminal Blocks, Plug-In
Terminal Blocks, Thru-Panel
Terminal Strips
Terminals & Splices, Solderless
Terminals, Board
Terminals, Double Level
Terminals, Feed-Thru
Terminals, Ground
Terminals, Lug (All Types)
Terminals, PCB
Terminals, Standoff


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